Williamsburg boy wins: Eastern Garter as state Snake slides through assembly

By Travis Fain on February 25, 2016
Daily Press

A 12-year-old Williamsburg student has charmed the General Assembly into naming the Eastern Garter Snake as Virginia's official snake.

If Gov. Terry McAuliffe adds his signature to the bill, this common, non-poisonous reptile will join the cardinal, the dogwood, the Virginia Big-eared bat, milk and about 28 other things as one of Virginia's official emblems and designations.

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Sen. Black tries to rattle backers of eastern garter snake

By Jim Nolan on February 25, 2016
Richmond Times-Dispatch

A sixth-grader’s bid to make Virginia hiss-tory for the eastern gartersnake nearly slithered away Thursday.

In what could only be viewed as a slippery maneuver, Sen. Richard H. Black, R-Loudoun, offered an amendment on the Senate floor that effectively gutted House Bill 335 — replacing the eastern gartersnake with the “timber rattler” as Virginia’s state snake.

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Stinky and wimpy but it's ours: Virginia legislature picks a state snake

By Laura Vozzella on February 25, 2016
Washington Post

It’s kind of a chicken, as snakes go, high-tailing it whenever it smells danger. And then there’s the odor. An Eastern Garter Snake that senses danger doesn’t just pick flight over fight, but emits an offending odor as it slithers away — one described in the august setting of the Virginia Senate on Thursday as “something like a cross between a soiled diaper and a skunk.”

Posted on 26 Feb 2016, 12:21 - Category: News

Eastern garter snake beats back rattlesnake in Virginia Senate debate

By Patrick Wilson on February 25, 2016
The Virginian-Pilot

The Virginia Senate voted Thursday to make the Eastern garter snake the official state reptile after one lawmaker made a spirited push for the timber rattlesnake.

Humorous debate ensued.


Posted on 26 Feb 2016, 12:19 - Category: News

Bill to anoint state snake slides through Senate panel

By Jim Nolan on February 22, 2016
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Want to get a bill passed at the Virginia General Assembly? You might consider hiring Aiden Coleman — age 11.

The sixth-grader from Berkeley Middle School in Williamsburg is a big part of the reason Virginia may soon have an official state snake.

Posted on 23 Feb 2016, 12:33 - Category: News

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