Year 2019

Day 04: To try again or let it drop a taxing question for legislators
Day 14: Delegate files bill to change alpaca classification in Virginia code
Day 15: Lawmakers put all cards on the table for casino legislation, wanting voters to decide


Day 18: Colonial Heritage residents pressure General Assembly to strengthen dangerous dog laws


Year 2018

Day 11: News Release: Delegate Pogge appointed Vice Chairman of House Finance Committee
Day 15: Mullin, Pogge propose education-related legislation


Day 02: Why were Virginia lawmakers talking about a poem? It starts with a letter that was lost for years.
Day 02: Pogge's tax deduction bill put on hold
Day 08: Virginia Seeks to Create a Deaf Advisory Committee, But the Way Forward Isn't So Clear


Day 18: Colonial Heritage residents pressure General Assembly to strengthen dangerous dog laws


Year 2017

Day 10: Local delegation discusses issues facing region, priorities for General Assembly


Year 2016

Day 12: Historic Triangle Legislators Talk Budget, Transportation at Forum
Day 12: After box turtle's failure, Virginia's official state reptile could soon be a snake


Day 11: Young snake booster wins House panel's favor for an official Virginia reptile
Day 11: Berkeley student pushes to make garter snake state reptile
Day 23: Bill to anoint state snake slides through Senate panel
Day 26: Eastern garter snake beats back rattlesnake in Virginia Senate debate
Day 26: Stinky and wimpy but it's ours: Virginia legislature picks a state snake
Day 26: Sen. Black tries to rattle backers of eastern garter snake
Day 26: Williamsburg boy wins: Eastern Garter as state Snake slides through assembly


Year 2015

Day 9: FOIA bills - some whittle away at disclosure, but others at secrecy
Day 9: A wide range of bills from Peninsula legislators
Day 15: Pogge to Champion Industrial Hemp, Voter Registration Law in Richmond
Day 19: Pogge Introduces Bill to Require Attorney General to Defend State Constitution
Day 29: House panel backs bill to curb overreach by land trusts


Day 15: Va. House approves bill forcing Herring to take cases
Day 19: Virginia Dems Flee Richmond Chamber to Avoid Voting on Pro-Israel Resolution
Day 23: Va. Senate defeats bill to require attorney general to defend state law
Day 23: Israel resolution sparks passion, controversy, in Va. House


Day 21: Pogge Announces Re-Election Bid for District 96 House Seat
Day 21: Pogge to Continue Work as Delegate for the 96th District


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